Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can we all agree that without arrogance the world would be a better place

I would go as far as saying that just about the cause of all evil and suffering is arrogance in some form or another. Racism is arrogance, thinking that you are superior to others because you are inherently better. Look at how many people died and suffered because of it, if you only consider Hitler by himself and his arrogance/racism that's well over 60 million people, and millions more affected decades and decades later, even to this day. Imagine a world without the Palestine-Israeli conflict. 

The Arrogance that caused Colonialism, affected millions more, 75 million Native Americans coerced and ethnically cleansed, and that's just "the new world".  There was plenty of colonizing that happened all over the world, all but very few places on earth weren't colonized by a handful of rich super powers. Millions dead, for no reason other than their arrogance which lead to their greed. You can't justify enslaving and killing a race of people other than your own to become more powerful unless you dehumanize them, and believe with every fiber of your being that you are a superior people. 

World War I was caused by arrogance, Europe was itching to fight and prove to the other countries that it had the better army, the assassination was just an excuse and with the invention of the telephone declaring war was faster than ever, being in the heat of the moment and all. Millions died for nothing, as was commonly portrayed by the depressing literature and poetry from the time. 

Arrogance is thinking you are superior to someone or something, and acting or inciting upon it negatively or in a rash and stupid manner.  But it is more of a mentality, it is the thinking part, the most dangerous part is actually getting yourself to believe those things. To be convinced that it is the truth. What better way to convince someone of something than to make them think it is their own idea, which is what I believe has been happening ever since the beginning of humanity. 

Arrogance leads to the 7 deadly sins of christian ethics, and is the main cause of the devil's rebellion in Islam. The story goes like so, the devil was one of the best worshippers of God until God made Adam from clay and told the angels (and satan who was amongst their ranks) to prostrate to him. Satan was too arrogant and refused, telling God he is made from fire while Adam is made from clay. God exiled him from Heaven, then the devil asked God to wait until the day they are resurrected, and he will do everything it takes to misguide humans. Then God says that he will fill Hell with all of you who disobey, allowing his wish to be granted. 

I think everyone might to some extent be able to sympathise with satan on his rage, he was an avid worshipper, and then comes this creation that didn't worship a day of its life and it is honored in that way. But his reasoning was the embodiment of pure arrogance and racism. He believed he was better because he was made from fire, also it takes a lot of arrogance to not admit a mistake, and it takes an immensely colossal amount to do so when you know full well there is an eternal consequence that is worse than anything imaginable. The language used in the Quran to describe the issue meant that satan acknowledged God as the creator and God of everything, but he still did what he did and continues to do what he does. That is the stupidest thing I can imagine, yet he is a very intelligent creature capable of convincing people that doing things they would never dream of doing and doing so willingly and thinking they thought of it. His process is long and he does so patiently and with careful planning, leading people into downward spirals to the point where they don't need his whispering to do his bidding. 

It is so amazing how someone with all that intellect and potential would do something so stupid and persist on it because his pride was hurt. Being that I am someone who believes Islam to be true, and believes this story my conclusion is that arrogance is the root of all evil. But there is still a long while before I can claim to convince you that what I am saying is true, so until then can we all agree that arrogance is horrible and leads to the worst things human history has seen, and the world can do without it. 

Next is more talk about arrogance sorry for the delay in posts it must've been a year or so since I last posted, but IsA more to come!!  

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

back to floor wall ceiling

Back to the good old floor wall ceiling theory that I claimed is important in solving many age old questions.


Everything could literally or abstractly be classified as having a "floor", a "wall" and a "ceiling".
 The ceiling could be the literal highest point, or the leading figure.
The wall could be the middle component, or the majority, or the middle class.
The floor could be the bottom most part , or the lowest category.
I mentioned examples of how countries and then moved on to it being a more grandiose concept where God is the "ceiling"..etc.

I also want to say something else that I failed to mention before. Everything is also made up of two things/there are two things of everything.

This will be important later.

For now lets continue arguing for the purpose of life by using the same argument mentioned in the blog before last.

Someone knocks at the door, you need to ask him/her a questions so s/he can prove to you via his/her logical answers that s/he is telling the truth (and not by your knowledge because you have none. Only assumptions).
The ceiling here is the commander and rest is what is controlled, not a literal ceiling that is being held by the other components and there being a mutual dependency. If the ceiling were to create everything else, then it must logically be complete without the other things. It would not need the other things, but at least created them to fulfill some purpose. If there was a need then the ceiling wouldn't make free will. The ceiling would make logically make the most efficient creation that would suit the purpose it was made for.

Now another good point: when asking the person at the door who they are, you ask them to prove who they are based on first asking directly, then testing the answers that pertain to who they are. For example:
you: who are you?
door person: I am bob (person that you know)

you: well then if you really are bob then what did you say to me that one time on that one day when we were alone at this hour?
bob: I said (false answer)
you: you are not bob.
in which case if bob is desperate to prove his point
bob: I meant (something else), or i couldn't remember exactly, how about (new question).


if bob: I said (correct answer)
you: ok fine
you: what about that other time when (new question)

This is now the simplest way to find out who is at the door (the unseen). This does not pertain to the nature of the purpose that the ceiling created everything else for. This is just to varify if the ceiling truly is the creator (which by definition he is). So the system does not have to be fair to the creation.

Lets just say that the ceiling has made a fair (extremely complex) universe and made it have laws that he knows and can obviously alter at will. The complexity of the universe and the low intellect of the creation and their sometimes irrational emotions could lead to the seeming unfairness of the system. (More on that specifically in the future isa).

Would it only make sense to tell the creation without a shadow of a doubt that the ceiling created them (if they have cognition). It just so happens that it is in people's nature to be curious, especially about this topic. And it just so happens that every culture and civilization believed in a system where they worshiped a higher power. So one could say that it is the natural thing to do. It is programmed in us to know of the creator. It is logical to do so. Now what isn't logical is what some people do. Some humans (now most) are capable of thought and allow for arrogance or laziness (and other things, but mainly those two) to get the best of them and cloud their natural awareness.

I will need to talk about these evidences eventually, but I just wanted to make a solid foundation based on logic on how things are. Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

purpose of life cont.

its been a long time guys, i've missed you

alright so i know a lot of you guys have finals, but i had a few minutes of free time due to my designer's block (similar to a writer's block) and i am just taking a mini break and hopefully isa i get into it again after this.

so as i recall correctly i was talking about the validity of life having a purpose.

One of my points is that for life to be fair, it needs to have a system of retribution after life is over. This is necessary because a lot of injustice happens and if there isnt a system then life isnt fair.

Also for that or any system to exist (especially one with this immense level of complexity) there needs to be a purpose. Then for this life to be fair according to said purposeful system the rules need to be told to the creation to do their purpose they were created for towards the creator.

Also the reason for a creator needing to exist in the first place is because our laws, rules, and theories do not adequately explain how we arrived in the here and now (and I am ready to discuss in great depths, in depth or in public every one).

Before I get into what I believe in, and why, lets talk about this quick example.

If someone knocks at the door of your appartment, and there are many people with you inside. Everyone would probably start to argue and debate who is outside, and what do they want.

The first logical thing to do is to observe and or ask who it is depending on what is available. They would tell you who they are and what they want, then you would ask them more questions to varify logically if they are telling the truth based on what you know.

Equate this to a book, or a person that claims to tell you the answer to who is knocking. You would not tell the person knocking on the door that you know more about them than they do, you would say I don't believe you because what you are telling me is inconsistent with things I know are universal facts/valid logic.

So If someone were to argue with you about the purpose of life, you would defend it according to the validity of their arguments and not your own knowledge. As is the case with the person at the door, you know nothing about them, you can not see, hear, nor feel evidence of your purpose or how you came to exist.

Next are more points to consider before going forward with more 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

back to old stuff

so lets take a break from the current events, I know the death tole in Libya is more than 2000 in Benigazi alone, and Bahrain is also very chaotic with the [sadly] usual scene of shooting unarmed protestors. But for more accurate reporting of the issues go to or

Aight, so back to the FWC. The ceiling is the abstract idea of something on top, either controlling, or just physically above the other components. The walls are the middle group, being either the average majority, or just a thing that is in the middle. The floor is either the lowest in status, or rank, or just spacially lowest.

This again is important because according to me, this is a recurring theme, and understanding how one thing works might lead to understanding how another would.

I showed how political entities fall into this category, now how about other things.

For Humans, their ceiling is the physically high and also commanding unit which is their brains, The rest of the human body from the outside might be the walls, while the floor is the deep inner workings. The interesting thing about humans is that when one part of the body aches, the rest of the body gets affected. Everything runs so effectively and everything relates to one another. But when the brain is dead, the whole body is dead. One can get a heart attack, and their heart can be jolted back to life, likewise one can fix their body parts, and with stem cells, even grow them again to some extent.

This is an example of how important it is to have a "ceiling" These allegories are just to emphasize how important leaders are to a country, and to the other body parts, if we were to imagine countries as part of a whole body, and the whole being Earth. I already touched on that before saying that the leaders are doing all those atrocious things to their own people, and they are a huge factor in the demise and failure of their countries to be anything more than cold war standard 3rd world countries.

So if we were to super broaden our perspective, and discuss the whole universe as an FWC, how could I prove my theory. stay tuned for an interesting discussion about the purpose of life, the universe, and everything. That discussion might be interrupted if anything really interesting happens in the Arab world, in which case I will talk about that first.